Monday, July 27, 2009

Robins and a plant id question

Juvenile robins are science

I was cleaning out a flower bed in the front yard last week and leaned up against a crepe myrtle to rest. The tree shook, I was unaware that there was a bird nest above me, and three robin juvies flew out. The mama and the poppa were around too, and went ballistic. Sorry birdies, I didn't know you were there.

Plant identification is science

This plant and another just like it came up among the hills of squash in the garden. None of the gardeners know what it is. It has a really pretty flower.

The leaves have an almost rubbery feel and the entire plant is covered with a sticky substance that gets on your hands.

A fruit is beginning to develop.

They think some seeds must have mixed in with the squash seeds.


TomPit said...

Not sure... But it may be some type of eggplant. My dad has some in his garden and they look the same. I guess time will tell...

jeffro said...

I dont have a clue what it is, but it sure dont taste good!

knitsatlandfills said...

That's a gorgeous unicorn plant, aka "devil's claw". Indigenous to disturbed areas in New Mexico- urban and rural. Leave it where it sits, and don't pick the furry pods; eventually they'll dry out, drop off, and the "horn" will split into two curving hooks, giving the common name of devil's claw.

Since they're so delicate, I've not seen any become invasive, and I have no idea as to the edibility for humans or livestock, but I'm sure google knows.